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And remember, all offers are subject to location participation. So if you're standing in the middle of Arby's screaming for a free milkshake and they aren't budging, don't blame me! If you find a broken link or new offer, please leave a comment and let me know! Note I try to only list nation-wide restaurants and stores, so regional offers may not make it onto this list immediately. Or could be Casino resorts. Do you know if you have to make a previous purchase with your Columbia Sportswear member account before they email you a birthday coupon?

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Or will they email it right off the bat? Sephora indicates that the page is no longer available. Thanks for putting this list together!!! You get a free ct chocolate covered fruit box! No purchase of any kind necessary join the email list and they send you the coupon. Just something I have learned.


Last year, it said Ponderosa will give you a free steak dinner,, tried that, they said no way. I think the corp. Dude, you have to register for the loyalty programs.

Birthday freebies // 100+ places to get FREE stuff on your birthday 2018 // Madison Victoriaa

Businesses give away free stuff to loyal customers. Most free stuff is throuuh loyalty programs. They have always did Buy one get one and I have been using them for at least 3 years. In 3 different cities. I have also done Arbys and Steak and Shake. So maybe it is like this other person said and you just tried to walk in and get free food. Thank you!! Signed in for several restaurants!

Free Birthday Stuff: 21+ Food Places & Online Freebies (Updated 12222)

Are you in the twilight zone? Tim that was unnecessary rudeness and entirely incorrect. No need to insult people. Are you a troll? Also, yes a lot of people outside of the US speak English.

Retailer Birthday Freebies

So please, tell me again how America is the only English speaking country? EDIT: I did get an email after all, just a day after my birthday for some reason. Sign up for Helzbergs email. You get free jewelry for your bday and several other times during the year. Thank you so much for putting this list together. I appreciate it very much! Wings Etc. Sign up for VIP program. With calendar purchase, once your register the card that comes with the calendar your receive a free cookie for your birthday.

Me and my husband got free dessert this year at olive garden. No charge on receipt. Or perhaps, an overly-attentive manager of questionable moral! I checked my records and Olive Garden sent me a coupon for a free birthday in June ! I just got my annual coupon for a free dessert at Olive Garden.

Toys R Us you have to enroll your kids. Mine each have received birthday cards from Geoffrey and a special invite to the store to get an undisclosed treat. One thing I definitely learned from this is that the world has certainly run out of clever restaurant names. Thanks so much for providing this list!

Happy Birthday Restaurant Freebies: Eat Free On Your Special Day!

There is a dollar amount listed. I always ask for one of their loafs of bread instead which is an equivalent value. I think the Toys R Us birthday coupon is only for kids, not adults. I keep the list as up-to-date as possible, but you may want to call ahead and make sure your nearby location participates! Thank you.

Another suggestion is Amusement or entertainment places. Hopefully some people can help you out for all to share like you did. I will check out Disneyland.

2. Dunkin' Donuts

I need help with the Jamba Juice free drink, when I make my account and put the birthday day off and the next 2 days. Do I have to wait a few days? Thanks for this list btw! From starbucks you get a free drink or food item. Go crazy. Bath and body works might give a free signature item, if not then some good coupons. Redbox might give you a free movie rental for a night. Dutch Bros coffee, smoothies and other drinks in the Pacific Northwest drive throughs gives a free drink on your birthday. Wow, what a huge list of freebies!

I had no idea Hallmark gives you a Free Card on your birthday! Chang's reward program , you can get a free small plate, dim sum, or dessert on your birthday. I highly recommend the great wall of chocolate pictured above. Join Island's Tiki Link and get a free dessert on your special day.

As a Pinkberry loyalist , you will receive a free yogurt on your birthday and a free yogurt after every 10 purchases you make regardless of the day. When you sign up for Subway's Eat Fresh Club , you will get a free six-inch sub and drink on your Birthday. I love Cold Stone, so I definitely think signing up for the Cold Stone Club to get a free ice cream creation on my birthday is worth it. Get free fries on your birthday and also when you sign up for the Wingstop Club. You can get a free donut and drink on your birthday if you're a Krispy Kreme Rewards member.

Sign up for the Buffalo Circle and get a free snack-size wings boneless or traditional to celebrate your birthday. Get 10 free wings on your birthday when you sign up for the Hooters eClub. As a Jamba Insider Rewards member , you will get a free birthday smoothie or juice. When you make a Pizza Hut online account , they will email you a coupon for free cinnamon sticks on your birthday. Sign up for the CPK Pizza Dough program and you will get a free dessert on your birthday, which is extra exciting because their chocolate brownie is insanely good ask to get it warmed up.

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13 Spots Offering Free Birthday Stuff: The Go-To Guide For Birthday Freebies

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