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This is especially important in the morning hours between 7 and 10 a. DJs that do the morning shifts should do time checks as often as possible. The weather is something that everyone finds interesting. That is why it is often the first thing two strangers talk about. The weather is part of the news but is also an item on the program clock. Never skip the weather. Always be courteous and respectful to our callers.

They are our most dedicated listeners. Only certain personality types will actually call a radio station — some people listen all day without ever thinking of calling. If you want people to call you, make sure you announce the request line phone numbers often.

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People love to hang out in the studio. Sometimes you want to do a break with some other people in the room, but in general it makes for a poor sound on the air. The only exception to this rule is that from time to time the tech department, ITS or MDG will have to work in the studio, but they will be as considerate to you as possible. The studio is not open to friends, roommates, or anyone not associated with the station.

Violations will be reprimanded; repeated violations will result in suspension or dismissal from OWL Radio. As often as possible, mention our community. It makes people more comfortable with you and more likely to tune in. Talk about local landmarks and events. Mention neighborhoods and streets in your on air banter. Also, when you announce a request, you might want to mention where the caller is from. Sometimes, even the best equipment breaks. At OWL Radio, we never talk on the air about equipment failures, limitations or any of our logs. There are things that have to be done every 15 minutes.

Never skip anything on the program clock and never be more than five minutes off. Preselling is when you tease them. Always help the station out on the air. Tell the listeners about the other formats we have or upcoming events or giveaways. Also, promo things like the weather and news. OWL Radio should concentrate to developing a cool, professional, on-air style.

We do not want our announcers to sound commercial, just professional. This is not to say that it is unprofessional to have fun as a DJ. DJs who have fun are more fun to listen to. Your listeners can hear it. Headphones are required. No DJ, regardless of skill, can do a good job without using headphones. They help you to hear what your background music is doing and also help you segue songs together. This is a very simple yet crucial thing to do. You cannot imagine how bad it sounds when a song ends, the jock begins to talk, and then the first few bars of the next track kick in flustering the jock, annoying the listener, and very effectively destroying any momentum the show had going.

Get into the habit of immediately potting down MegaSeg after every song. Attention to technical details like this cannot be an afterthought. Sounds silly? It is important to inform the listener to whom they are listening and to what station. The point is to provide ourselves with free promotion and create a bond with the audience.

Believe it or not, the listening audience tends to form a bond of loyalty with announcers and the station when the announcers establish a rapport with them. Think before you talk, and talk with a purpose. Should you decide that a break with another announcer is a good idea, and on certain occasions it is, do the following: plan, acknowledge and time. Part of planning for your breaks includes positioning your microphone properly. Have any on-air guests do so as well.

You meet a listener who says you sound a lot different in person than you do on the air. If you sound like you are reading. If you apologize every time you stumble on a word or stop to correct yourself. Discipline is the development of good habits while on the air. Examples include: not chewing gum, not bringing food or drinks into the studio, not having unauthorized guests to distract you while on the air, and filling out your logs with regards to promos aired or read, giveaways and winners names and donor announcements.

Style is how you personalize your show. Examples include: always starting off your show with a certain liner or song, always saying the call letters out of breaks and into music, or never talking for more than 30 or 40 seconds at a time. These are basics, but they are things on which every announcer at. It is not necessary to script anything out, but discuss which elements are important and never try more than two elements at a time. This will allow for spontaneity without confusion. Every 15 minutes you have a completely different set of listeners, so if more than one break is to be made with multiple voices they must be acknowledged each break.

In fact, you must be that much more conscious of the clock. It becomes easy to get distracted with the other person speaking. Once introduced, guest announcers should explain why they are there, say their piece as concisely as possible, and toss it back to the producer to either go into a break or start and introduce the next song as soon as possible.

General rule: Do a party break before playing a stopset of spots and promos rather than coming out of it. You are no exception. We are an information source for people. When you are on the air you have a responsibility to accurately deliver basic information to the listening public.

This problem is completely avoided with basic show preparation before you sign the logs. The programming department is divided into several sub- departments: production, music, sports, news and personnel. These department heads, along with the general manager, make up the executive staff. The general manager hires the executive staff each year. KSU students may apply for executive staff positions through the general manager.

The general manager may refer an applicant to a specific hiring manager to act on his behalf. Executive staff members sometimes need to leave. When this happens, they must return all station property including keys prior to leaving the University.

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The student media adviser may place a academic hold on the individual until all material is returned. This board was disbanded in and powers reverted back to the Student Media Board. The PM is responsible for the hiring and firing for all on-air staff and programming department members. The PM serves as the liaison between on-air staff and management and is responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations regarding the programming of the station.

The underwriting rep is familiar with all FCC regulations regarding donor announcements and helps the program director with creating legal donor announcements. This position is actually a student assistant position in the marketing team and is supervised by the Student Media Marketing Manager. The chief engineer works closely as an adviser to the general manager regarding the purchase of any equipment at the station.

The chief engineer is responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations regarding equipment at the station. In addition to all station equipment, hardware, and software, this position will also maintain the computer network and direct the web page staff. This position will be paid from the radio budget and will be the only paid position until the station can acquire an ongoing budget and bring in revenue.

The assistant program director helps the program director train, schedule, and manage the DJs and news announcers. The assistant program director assumes all responsibilities of the program director in his prolonged absence. The production manager works closely with the engineering department to maintain and acquire all needed production equipment. The promotions director is responsible for scheduling giveaways and other events as specified by the program director.

The music director also serves, with the program director, as a representative of the station to record and promotion companies. The sports director serves as the liaison between OWL Radio and outside organizations to coordinate sports broadcasts. The librarian works closely with the music director to ensure that new music is available for use by the on-air staff.

The Webmaster works under the Tech Director may also be the tech director and works closely with all of the department heads to make sure the information is on the Web site. The host is also responsible for the behavior of in-studio guests and visitors. All Directors and most managers, leads and interns are scheduled so that the station usually has someone of authority present.

The general manager, tech director, program director and your adviser all carry cell phones so they can be reached in case of an emergency. If there is an emergency, their numbers are listed on the OWL Radio intranet site and in the studio. In the event of an emergency, take the necessary precautions to keep us on the air if possible , and to protect your person while doing so.

In the event of a fire alarm, put a playlist into MegaSeg automation mode and leave the student center at once. First determine whether the station or the student center has lost power. If only the student center has lost power, call the chief engineer and general manager immediately. If you need to leave the premises make extra sure that the station is locked. Make sure no one else is in the station. Exec Board and members of the Student Life Center can grant radio staffers access during regular business hours. A key-card is available from the GM or media adviser for after hour or weekend access.

This applies to all board members, staff members and guests. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings at KSU. Use of the library and production facilities are limited exclusively to staff members of OWL Radio. The library and all production studios are expressly off limits to anyone not on staff at OWL Radio. Those who would like to request limited access under supervision of a staff member must speak directly with the general manager.

OWL Radio reserves the right to deny access to the library or production studios to any individual not on staff. Staff use of the production studios is subject to training, experience, and the discretion of the management. Under no circumstances are the studios to be used for any manner of self gain. It is against state law to utilize any state property for personal gain.

The studio door shall remain closed at all times. Studio key-cards should not be made available to non-staff members at any time. Anyone who has been verbally warned three or more times regarding station security may be suspended for misuse of station property, disregarding station rules, and may be held responsible for any items in the library or on the station premises reported missing. Any equipment, including but not limited to telephones, speakers or tools, not found in the regular or assigned location will be reported stolen.

The act of voluntarily joining OWL Radio staff indicates understanding of this transfer of ownership. Information obtained through video monitoring will only be released when authorized by the KSU Department of Public Safety in accordance with the procedures established in KSU policy. The act of voluntarily joining OWL Radio indicates approval of this policy. Strange people are attracted to radio stations. If you need assistance, call Campus Police. This is a free service and you should not hesitate to use it. Installation of software on any computer without the approval of the general manager, tech director, or Student Media adviser will be considered vandalism.

For work other than direct broadcasting or production, use the computers in the break room. Do NOT use the broadcast or production computers for web surfing or other work. For example, a DJ may not contact a record company on behalf of the station to request a CD. Similarly, the music director cannot negotiate a sales contract without the consent of the sales director. You may or may not receive any warnings before a suspension or dismissal for breaking a station policy. A warning means beware. Suspensions can either be for one or two weeks or longer. Suspension does not mean dismissal.

If you are suspended, consider what you did to get suspended and make sure it does not happen again. You will not be suspended because someone does not like you. You only will be suspended if you break a policy. The next step of disciplinary action is dismissal. Dismissals relieve you of all duties at OWL Radio with no possibility of return.

The general manager will be involved in all cases of dismissal. All dismissals must be approved by the general manager. Suspensions may result from the following actions or other actions deemed inappropriate by the senior staff: 1. Conduct unbecoming an announcer on or off the air.

Missing or being late for three 3 scheduled air shifts. Missing an air shift without properly informing the program director. Misuse or improper allocation of station property. Broadcast of obscene or indecent material. Forging signatures of any kind on logs, time sheets or other station documents. Threatening any staff member of OWL Radio. Sexual, racial, or other harassment. Disregard of station rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. Failure to sign required logs while on duty as an announcer or knowingly signing innacurate information. Failure to follow rotation.

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Scratching, beat mixing, slip cueing, or anything else which might damage station equipment. Blatant misrepresentation. Any employee, past or present, attempting to represent the station without. Reporting to work under the influence or in possession of any illegal or personality altering drug, or under the influence or in possession of alcoholic beverages. Possession of any form of illegal substance, including alcoholic beverages, is forbidden in the studio. Consumption by a operator is a violation of FCC regulations, university policy and station policy.

Operators will be held responsible for all guests. Theft of station property, or removal of any station property from the premises without permission of the general manager, program director or technical director. Vandalism of station property of any kind. Altering station equipment or hooking up personal equipment without the permission and supervision of the technical director. Decrying station. Operators are not allowed to discuss personal opinions of station policies, station personnel, record companies, or equipment manufacturers over the air.

Smoking in the studio. Knowingly broadcasting obscene or indecent material. Doing improper donor announcements or giveaways, failure to run or read donor announcements completely, or selling air time on OWL Radio without authorization of the sales director or general manager.

Representing OWL Radio at public or professional functions or traveling to such without authorization. Conducting interviews on the air without permission of the program director. Any action considered not to be in the best interest of OWL Radio or in direct violation of any university rules or regulations. These lists are not all inclusive.

The general manager reserves the right to handle discipline the way he or she believes is in the best interest of OWL Radio. The above rules are simply guidelines for the staff to follow. All complaints must be submitted in writing to the general manager. The general manager will then discuss your concerns with you. If you still have a complaint after meeting with the general manager you may request to have your case heard by the Student Media adviser.

You must file your grievance within two weeks of the related incident. If you have a complaint concerning station policies or operations, or if you feel that you have been suspended or. If staffers other than on duty staff are present, they should answer the phone. If you are alone and on the air when the Hotline rings, cut to music as quickly as possible. DJs are required to discuss any concerns they may have with the proper director or the general manager.

We never clue them in to behind-thescenes terminology like MegaSeg, Audition, rotation, log, computer, etc.

Also, never speak negatively about things you may do. In the meantime, pretend that you love it. Being on time for your shift means arriving at least 10 minutes early. For example, if you have a 5 p. It is impossible to do a good job on the air without any preparation. As mentioned, three tardies will result in suspension. Plan ahead. OWL Radio will not tolerate consistently missed shifts or chronic tardiness. It makes the station look bad and gives the wrong idea to listeners, guests and trainees. In the event you need a sub, it is your responsibility to follow these steps: 1.

Notify the program director at least four 4 days in advance that you are trying to find a sub for your show at time on date. At this point, you might ask the program director for suggestions. Notify the staff via the e-mail distribution list about your shift being open at time on date. Consult the phone list located in staff offices at the rear of the studio, and call other announcers to see if they are available; if they are, tell them when your show is by time and date.

You will be taught this skill during your production and on-air labs. You are also prohibited from inflicting it on our listeners by law. Do not ever attack any person, company, or organization on the air. Violation may result in immediate dismissal. Such awareness is presumed to exist only when the other party to the call is associated with the station such as an employee or part-time reporter , or where the other party originates the call and it is obvious that it is in connection with a program in which the station customarily broadcasts telephone conversations.

For OWL Radio to break from normal programming and conduct an interview, the interview must somehow serve the interest of the station. The program director may specify that an interview be handled by a DJ other than the DJ who is scheduled at that time. It is unacceptable for a DJ to miss a shift without finding a sub or voice tracking beforehand. The purpose of MegaSeg is not to cover for you when you cannot make your shift, therefore you should not rely on it to do so. Responsibility and reliability are behaviors every staff member is expected to maintain while at OWL Radio.

DJs are accountable for their shifts and chronic absenteeism will not be tolerated. The FCC prohibits any announcer from advocating or condoning the use of illegal drugs, alcohol abuse, or illegal activity of any kind. OWL Radio also prohibits any announcer or DJ from operating the station while under the influence of alcohol or any other type of impairing substance. If a DJ. Sometimes the Owl Radio Executive Board will change or add to this collection of policies.

It is important to check the on-air studio bulletin board for updates and changes. If you are unclear about any policy or procedure, you can contact the program director for clarification. OWL Radio strongly encourages its announcers not to tell too much about themselves on the air. Radio stations tend to attract strange people. It is for this reason many announcers prefer to use an air name or only their first name. Be careful Arrive 15 minutes early. Inform the current operator that you are here.

Check the bulletin boards for new station information.

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Check the bulletin boards and giveaway log to see if any giveaways are available. Check the online or office playlist for the shifts prior to yours and note if any artists you were planning to play have already been played. It sounds unprofessional to play something that was already played previous to your shift. As a general rule, if music, liners, promos or material of that nature have been played within three hours of your shift, try at all costs to avoid playing them again unless specifically instructed otherwise. Choose some OWL Radio classics from the library that have not already been played and are different from the classics you played during your last shift.

Be creative. If you feel that you need to, write yourself a script of what you want to say. Sign out on the operating log, File your music in the library, Pick up any trash you have generated and dispose of.


Working at OWL Radio is meant to be fun. As you will hear many times during your career here at OWL Radio, questions are always preferable to mistakes! Furthermore, our state-of-the-art facility will provide you with opportunities to challenge the most ambitious imaginations. You should be mindful to include adequate time for training and practice throughout this program.

Your goals as a trainee should include developing your technical and aesthetic abilities to demonstrate an understanding of our equipment and programming policies. Included in the training are weekly lab sessions. Attendance at all lab sessions is critical and therefore mandatory. While there is some repetition and practice built into the sessions, it will be difficult to make up more than ONE missed lab. There will be no make-up labs scheduled, so remember that you may significantly slow down your air clearance process if you miss more than one lab.

This does not mean you cannot become involved at the station — it just means that you may have to wait until the next training program to finish your labs. Choose a department at the station and get involved! Visit often and get to know how the station operates and meet the wide range of people who work here. Everyone at the station has, at some time, been a trainee, and all of us will extend a helping hand to any trainee asking for help.

To be cleared to work on the air at OWL Radio, you must complete the following five steps, each of which is explained in detail below: 1. Production studio checklist labs 2. On-air studio checklist labs 3. Classroom instruction pending; not available at this time 5. Final exam pending; not available at this time. The various items on the Production Studio Checklist will be explained and practiced during the first three labs.

All necessary training for the production of your PSA is included in the checklist. At the end of lab 3, your instructor will sign you off in that section of the checklist. Lab 3 will serve as an evaluation session for you. During this lab a manager or director will meet with you individually and sign off the checklist items after you have demonstrated an acceptable level of understanding.

Any problem can be identified and clarified at this time. Once you have received instruction and evaluation signatures, you have obtained production studio clearance! You may reserve studio time for practice and preparation of your demo air check. During the school year, when staff levels are high, the general limits for studio time are four hours per week.

This limit provides a reasonable level of access for everyone. When the production studio is not formally reserved, it is available to any cleared producer for practice, production and voicetracking. In addition, all trainees are encouraged to observe operations in the onair studio. During Lab 6 your instructor will complete your instruction on all the checklist items and sign the instruction section on your copy of the checklist. Lab 6 will serve as an evaluation session for the on-air studio checklist.

A member of the OWL Radio Exec Board will come to this lab and meet with you individually to complete the evaluation of all checklist items. Once you complete all the items on the checklist you may proceed to the remaining air clearance steps. Include a music playlist for ALL the material you used. Return all demo tapes to the program director for evaluation.

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Arrange these extra songs into sets that demonstrate your knowledge of music and its presentation. Thematic or historical approaches may be used for the various sets. Also, if possible, include the recorded PSA you produced during the production lab sessions. The areas for evaluation of your tape include announcing, production and program content.

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