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Otherwise browsing through those sites daily is like immersing yourself in advertising, causing you to spend more than you should.

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RSS Feed Images low res (see screenshots)

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A 7-part mini course to help you spend less and be happy will be sent to you when you subscribe, and you will also get an ever-expanding How to Save Money on Everything ebook. Alternatively, stay engaged in our discussions via our twitter and facebook pages. Don't worry about spam, because we hate it as much as you do! Arminius Aurelius says:. September 1, at am. Paul says:. March 31, at am. To build a pipe from another pipe's clone, use the Clone menu option to make your own copy of the original pipe, and then make your modifications. Before doing this, check the source of the original pipe to see if you can figure out how to change it.

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I can't show you how to create a complex pipe, like one of the pipes built by Shiva Hothu , from scratch, but this is how you can build a simple pipe to search for hot deals on 46 -inch LCD HDTVs with the p display resolution, which excludes ViewSonic models again, no offense to ViewSonic; this is just an example : Create a pipe. Sign in to the Yahoo! Pipes web site using your Yahoo! After signing in, click the Create a pipe link. Add RSS feed s to the pipe. In the pipe editor, expand the Sources group in the left pane and drag the Fetch Feed module to the editor window.

Add inclusive filters.


Expand the Operators group in the left pane and drag the Filter module to the editor window. Click on the dot at the bottom of the Fetch Feed module Fetch Feed output and drag the edge of the appearing line to the dot at the top of the Filter module Filter input to connect them. In the Filter module, make sure that the top-most text reads: Permit items that match all of the following. Click the plus signs next to the Rules label repeatedly to create four rows of rules. Make the first two columns of all four rules read: item.

Tip: To see the output of each module, use the Debugger tab at the bottom of the screen. The Debugger tab displays the output of the currently selected module, so you can immediately see the effects of your filter settings. You can also use the Debugger tab to vie the elements of the feed you need to click the arrow next to each feed entry to view its contents. Add exclusive filter. Add one more Filter module as you did in previous step , and connect the output of the previous Filter module to the input of the new Filter module.

In the new Filter module, make sure that the top-most text reads: Block items that match any of the following. Make the rule read: item.

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Complete the pipe. Finally, connect the output of the last Filter module to the Pipe Output module this module was auto-generated when you added the first module to the pipe , so your pipe will look like this: Click the Save button. When saving the pipe, give it a meaningful name, such as Yahoo! You can also define other properties, such as description and tags, but these are only necessary if you want to publish your pipe in the Yahoo!

Use the pipe. This lets you set feed refresh rates. Put it in as a feature request for Firefox Otherwise, I'd recommend customizing something and putting it out on sourceforge for the rest of us.

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From what little bit of debug code I stuck in there, I am able to read the rss feed I think, but I am currently stuck on getting it to send me an email via our smtp server so I am acutally not sure yet what all it is reading. I'll pick this up tomorrow. For me, I have a real smtp server on the one hand and an exchange server on the other. So I enter my exchange server full address on the addr field and remove the concatenation like above and it works.

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In the scripts otherwise untouched fashion, it sticks the "title" of the deal in the subject line, and a link to slickdeals not the actual new deal appears in the email body. It should be easy enough for you perl people to play with this and parse out the line with the actual deal in it and put that in the message body instead.

Reason : that's why the feed you're using is set for an hour refresh, hello!

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