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The simplified class structure will ensure racers get more time on track and less time in the pits, while not requiring racers to spend the entire day at the track.

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Amusement Parks Carlsbad, CA. It sees Verizon make good on its promise to do so in November Art Events. Put in 2 years avg.

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I left quick. I was hired to be a manager, horrible training, not paid what I was promised, insanely cheap company. Customers avoided us because they would ask for certain services and upper management would say "that's not what we're about" but then blame managers for poor numbers. When they recruited me, they made all kinds of promises, and I found out in the first week they didn't plan on keeping any of them salary, 2 days off, proper staffing, certified trainers.

Coworkers make or break your shift. On a typical day, you have at least 40 customers, so you brief them about the rules and how to drive the carts and then assort them into races. On weekends, there are usually several hundred customers which makes the job ask much more of you physically and mentally. It is all a team effort so if one person is lazy, everyone else suffers.

My manager was great but the ones before him were apparently terrible and almost abusive. It's a fun environment to be around but the pay probably doesn't equal the stress and hours you go through for most people. The worst is customers that don't know how to drive or think they know how to drive because they crash over and over and put others in danger.

The company is very prone to making snap decisions that are often made without any type of forethought. A majority of the time, GMs find out about new promotions or new events via an email blast that we send to our customers which leaves us with little to no information and it also makes it so that we are unable to answer any customer questions until we eventually hear back from someone in corporate about it. They try to entice you by having an achievable bonus structure, but the bonus structure can be changed by corporate at any time for any reason and it has changed 3 times since the start of To make matters worse, they often set the goals too high to be achieved by regular means.

Lastly, and perhaps most alarmingly, is the overall compensation that the company has been giving to their newest hires. If you are thinking of joining the company, be very aware that they will be offering you much less than what others in your exact same position are making.

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The company is currently trending toward dramatically increasing the workload of us as GM's while keeping wages stagnant for everyone across the board. Fun work environment if you hire a solid group of track staff and cashiers. Also, the free races are fun if you don't overdo it!

Proud to be a K1 representative. Great place to work.

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Everybody there is just so friendly! I like how the radios help us connect to each other and talk to resolve problems. Productive, fun place to work with go karting. Overall I enjoyed working at K1 and I would probably go back for the summer.

I feel the work I was doing was equal to the amount I was getting paid. The working environment could be negative at times but overall I was happy there.

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Just Keeps Getting Worse. I worked for this company for almost 6 years, and have watched it go from a once fun, great place to work. To possibly the worst corporation around. Look forward to cluecless regional management showing up to your center with a laundry list of to-dos then disappear to not be seen or heard from again for about two months. Very hard to work for this company.

They over work you in bad conditions. Employees in summer had to work in over degree weather when given a fan that they couldn't even stand next to because it was used for the customers overheating..

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There was a GOOD amount of time where I couldn't take lunches as a supervisor because the work load was too much but they shrugged their shoulders and said we have to.. No compassion for the track guys or management staff. I myself and my general manager was let go from the company this last month with no write ups, examples, explaining of anything that we have done wrong and was let go without warning All in all their is something up with k1 speed.

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