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In addition to the core antimalware product you get router security, browser clean-up, password management, sandboxed downloads, DNS hijacking protection, secure browsing and anti-spam.

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Panda Advanced Protection has an armoury of security tools including features to make sure your precious data stays safe. What you get included depends on whether you opt for the Essential, Advanced, Complete or Premium options. No matter which option you go for, PC, Mac and Android devices are all covered.

AVG Ultimate offers good protection and speedy malware scanning. The suite also boasts one of the fastest malware scanners around — although in independent testing that speed meant it was found to be missing some potential threats. Whereas antivirus AV software provides a basic level of protection for your system, Internet Security expands on capabilities such as scanning files and software, activity monitoring and vulnerability search with features tailored for Internet use.

These might include a firewall, anti-spam controls, ad blockers, webcam protection, keylogger protection, parental controls and credit card safeguards. There might also be additional protection against web-specific types of malware such as spyware and adware. However running so many different types of program might mean that Internet Security suites use more of your system resources than conventional AV.

There are many advantages to purchasing a premium Internet Security suite from a trusted vendor, but it is perfectly possible to create your own modular suite by picking the most suitable free products. While this might mean you save money, it does mean you have to do much of the work yourself. You will have to identify the best components, whether its virus protection, firewall or backup software, and fix any problems yourself. The more components you introduce will increase complexity and system resource use. You will also suffer from the pitfalls of using free services such as frequent adverts urging you to upgrade.

Using a premium Internet Security suite means the vendor integrates several services into a single package that can be managed from a single interface. All of the products on this list offer effective capabilities, so the difference is in additional capabilities. If there is a particular type of threat that concerns you, such as ransomware or phishing, check to see if there are specific protections included. Banking safeguards, firewalls and parental controls are also areas you should consider — especially if there are multiple users on your computer.

And of course, you should consider whether you need protection across multiple devices, such as smartphones. Finally, think about usability and the impact on system performance. Do you want a high level of customization or do you want an easy-to-use interface and do you want a program that is capable of fast scans or one that requires minimal system resources?

TechRadar pro IT insights for business. The best internet security software of 1. Comprehensive Android security. Protection for macOS beyond the basics. Unusually rich iOS support. Cons: Parental control easily foiled on some platforms. Some problems with social media privacy scanner. Pros: Excellent antivirus protection. Tune-up tools for macOS and Windows. Full-featured Android security.

Light on system resources. Fastest scan. Cons: Password manager features limited. Few independent antivirus lab results. Secure deletion tool does no data overwriting at its default level. If you don't need spam filtering or parental control, this suite is a good deal. Pros: Antivirus received high scores in testing. Robust firewall. Simple spam filter. Ransomware protection. Bonus features enhance security. Cons: Password manager is limited in features. Many bonus features require separate purchase.

Bottom Line: Avast Internet Security is a full-scale suite, with an antivirus, a robust firewall, a simple spam filter, and a wealth of bonus features. Depending upon your needs, though, the company's free antivirus might be more cost effective. Pros: Very good scores in multiple independent lab tests and our own hands-on tests. Unlimited licenses. Includes ransomware protection and webcam protection. Cons: Initial scan slower than average. Unusually large impact in performance tests. Pros: Good antivirus protection.

Full-powered VPN. System optimizer. Identity monitoring. Automatic software updates. Actionable password strength report. Cons: Browser Safety works only with Chrome and Firefox. Administrator can't prevent users from whitelisting unknown USB drives. High impact on boot time. So-so phishing protection score. Bottom Line: If you're going to buy any Avira product, Avira Prime is the one to get, as it includes every free and paid Avira product.

However, even with its entire posse of products it can't challenge the best cross-platform multi-device security suites. Pros: Powerful, durable firewall. Kaspersky-powered antivirus. Award-winning ransomware protection. Useful bonus tools. Cons: No current independent antivirus lab results.

Lacks many features found in previous edition. So-so scores against malicious and fraudulent websites. Phishing protection only in Chrome. Bottom Line: Check Point's ZoneAlarm Extreme Security adds award-winning ransomware protection and a few other security features, but has dropped quite a few components since our last review. Excellent phishing protection.

Improved independent lab scores. Password manager rich in multi-factor authentication options. Cons: Parental control awkward, limited. Offers little beyond what's in the antivirus. Bottom Line: McAfee Internet Security offers all expected suite features, antivirus, firewall, antispam, parental control, and more.

But you get the best of these features in McAfee's standalone antivirus, for quite a bit less. Pros: Excellent macOS and Android protection.

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Very good phishing protection test score. Good malware protection scores. Includes 25GB hosted storage for backup. Cons: No results from independent antivirus testing labs.

Web protection disabled by default. Simple parental control is easily defeated.

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No option for local backup. Phishing protection less effective on macOS. Can reverse some ransomware attacks. Light on system resources in testing. Fastest scan in testing. Cons: Limited password manager doesn't add significant value. Few independent lab test results. Bottom Line: On top of excellent antivirus protection, Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus adds full-featured Android security and a lackluster password manager. Pros: High scores from antivirus testing labs. Secure deletion utility. Protection against webcam spying.

Many security-related bonus features. Cons: Some bonus features still require separate payment. Feature enhancements don't merit this suite's price. Bottom Line: Upgrading from Avast's entry-level security suite to Avast Premier gets you secure deletion, webcam protection, and automated software updates. These enhancements don't really merit the higher price.

Includes password manager. Very good score in malicious URL blocking test. Cons: Many components require payment for full functionality. Real-time protection missed some executable malware files. Slow on-demand scan. Browser protection only for Chrome and Firefox. Bottom Line: Avira Free Security Suite installs and manages an eclectic collection of free Avira products, but it doesn't come close to the power of a full-scale, commercial security suite. Pros: Network security scanner. Identity protection. Good scores from independent antivirus labs.

Good phishing protection score. Antivirus for macOS. Cons: Antivirus allowed takeover by a ransomware sample. Some components dated and limited. Awkward configuration for identity protection. The added features are worthwhile, and a quirk in pricing makes Premium Protection a better deal. Pros: Anti-malware warranty includes remote remediation and if necessary reimbursement.

Full-featured firewall. Decent score in our hands-on malware blocking test. Automatic isolation of unknown programs. Cons: Cloud Backup feature not working. TrustConnect VPN not working. Failed against modified ransomware. Dismal scores against malicious and fraudulent URLs. Firewall not tamper-proof. Slowed boot time in testing. Avoid it. Pros: Good antivirus lab scores.

Useful home network security scanner. Anti-theft software for laptops. Scans firmware for malware. Cons: So-so phishing protection. Device control too complex for most users. Annoying firewall. One-trick parental control. Bottom Line: ESET Internet Security offers a full array of suite components plus some uncommon tools, but the quality of its components just isn't consistent. Effective Android parental control. Powerful Windows antivirus.

Cons: Lacks premium features for Windows. Parental control limited under Windows and Mac. Fewer features on Mac. No support for iOS. Includes password manager and file encryption. Can protect macOS and Android devices. Cons: Password manager lacks advanced features. So-so phishing protection. No secure deletion for originals after encryption. Poor parental control on macOS.

Pros: Excellent score in our malicious URL blocking test. Good score in our malware protection test. Banking protection prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. Cons: Mediocre phishing protection. Good, not great, test lab scores. Failed some ransomware tests. Parental control is limited and awkward. Bottom Line: F-Secure Internet Security's excellent score in our malicious URL blocking test is counterbalanced by so-so lab test scores, limited parental control, and difficulties blocking some ransomware. Pros: Flexible encrypted storage. Enhanced backup. System tune-up.

Device control. Good antivirus lab scores. Excellent malware blocking test score. Cons: Password manager features very limited. Poor antiphishing score. Firewall could be hacked. Useless parental control. Device control may confuse the average user. Bottom Line: G Data Total Security adds bonus features beyond the company's entry-level suite, but component quality varies, and many features haven't evolved in the last couple years.

Pros: Good score in our malware blocking and malicious URL blocking tests. Decent scores from antivirus labs. Firewall resists direct attack. Highly configurable spam filter. Bonus tools. Tiny performance impact. Cons: Spam filter proved highly inaccurate in our testing. Poor score in our antiphishing test. Minimal parental control. Backup to local drives only. Not tested by many antivirus labs. Bottom Line: K7 Ultimate Security Gold 15 has improved over its previous version in some areas, but the quality of its components still varies quite a bit.

Pros: Slick, attractive user interface. Parental content filter. Effective ransomware protection. Supports Windows, macOS, Android. Cons: Dismal protection against dangerous and fraudulent websites. So-so score in our malware protection test. Expensive, especially on macOS and Android. It handles ransomware that slips past the entry-level product, but still has some of the lowest test scores.

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Pros: Good scores in independent antivirus lab tests and some of our tests. Straightforward spam filter. Firewall stealths ports and offers simple program control. Tiny performance hit. Low price. Cons: So-so scores in our malware blocking test. Many firewall features disabled by default. Intrusion Detection System covers limited number of exploits. Firewall not hardened against attack.

It won't dethrone our Editors' Choice suites, but it's an improvement over the previous edition. Pros: Very good phishing protection test score. Includes 10GB hosted storage for backup. Cons: No results from independent testing labs. Performance check offers no useful recommendations. Bottom Line: Total Defense Premium Internet Security adds the web-based malware protection missing from the company's antivirus, along with other suite-level features.

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Symantec Norton Deluxe. Bitdefender Internet Security. Kaspersky Internet Security. Bitdefender Total Security. Kaspersky Security Cloud. Trend Micro Internet Security. Trend Micro Maximum Security. Read Review. Cons: Support for iOS is limited.

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